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June 21, 2003
Dear Tom:
As you know, your men came and fixed my pool roof. They spent a couple of hours here and the roof really works very well. I am particularly grateful since my wife and I are celebrating our 50th golden wedding anniversary this next weekend and will have all our children and grandchildren here enjoying our pool, regardless of rain or wind or sun.
But, you are not in business to do charity work for people. You put this roof on my pool some twenty years ago. I can not and do not expect that you will continue to do warranty work on this roof some 20 years later. If you do that, you will not last very long, even as I know, that you have been very successful.
Consequently, I would really appreciate it if you would send me a bill for the service not only for your men traveling way out here as well as for the two times you came to our place. You spent a lot of time inspecting the roof and shooting pictures of it. I really want to pay for this and I do not expect a token bill. I really want to pay for what you would charge any client for all of this work--those clients of yours on Union Square would not expect gratis work and I do not either.

Best regards,
Tim Preece, CEO of Kaiser Industries

Danville, CA

July 26, 2003
Hello Peter,
Carrol and I received the contract and I signed it. We are making the contract subject to the architectural review process as required by the purchase agreement of our new home.
I reviewed our homeowners manuals and found we are required to submit a form to the Ponderosa Cove Architectural committee. With this fax, I am taking the liberty of informing the architectural committee of the proposal that we have agreed to for the custom made canvas awnings. Please refer to the attached instruction--Contact information and request forms have been filled out by me today and are attached!
Since we have had problems with our neighbor's water drainage into our lot, and since we want to minimize problems in the future--I want to make sure that we do everything by the book.
With this fax, I am also including a copy of the excellent sketches that you made for us and emphasizing that these structures are going on the back of the house (not visible to any of the neighbors - please see map of lot #11) and on the side of the house. The awning on the side of the house is partially retractable.
If you have any questions, comments, concerns and questions, please let me know. I sincerely apologize that I neglected to tell you about the architectural review process!

Domingo A. Figueredo
Carrol A. Figueredo
Home Owners, Union City, CA

August 30, 2002

I want, please, to confirm our get-together this Monday, September 2, at 10am.

That is Labor Day, you know! I am extremely impressed you are willing to come over on a holiday, to make sure the patio project is planned correctly. You are really terrific to take this much time to help me out this way.

With your understanding, please, I will have a friend come over to meet you. He is a professional, and he is going to make sure I have a good understanding of [what] we're doing. I know you will be able to explain the details to him, better than to me. I don't want to waste your time, but I do want to understand better how the new patio will take shape.

So he will be here at 10am Monday as well, and again thank you for being so very conscientious. With the successful completion of this project, you can count on me spreading the word to family, friends, and neighbors about Bel Aire Engineering.

I go out of my way to help people that help me.

Again, thanks. Have a good weekend.

See you Monday!

RE: Plexiglas arched/barrel shaped atrium cover.

Dear Tom,
The arch window is in and it's perfect! You and your team were a delight to work with. Rarely does the home remodeler get the benefit of the creativity, professionalism and capability of a commercial design firm of your caliber. The people you have working for you are Bel Aire went out of their way to make my experience the best it could be. My special thanks to David for giving form to my fantasy. Daniel, Rich, and the crew were so capable, meticulous and personable.
My thanks to you, Tom, for your fabulous level of care and concern for the timeline and fabrication of my vaulted ceiling and window project. I intend to create a classical Roman rotunda and I hope you will stop over to see it on completion. Togas are optional! Hope to see you all soon.

Anne O'Brien

San Rafael, CA

April 12, 2000

Dear Tom,
Just a few lines to thank you and your workers for the magnificent job of designing, fabricating and installing the new canopy at the Broadway-Arguello Building in Redwood City, CA. I have received many compliments on how elegant it looks. It's something of which you can all be proud. Again, thank you for making the building look so beautiful!

Sincerely yours,
John B. Damonte, Owner
Broadway-Arguello Building, Redwood City, CA

August 3, 1995
Dear Sir:
Recently I had occasion to have metal awnings installed on my home in Alamo. I dealt with Mr. Robert A. Capurro, your sales representative, and found him to be most helpful and accommodating. I was having my house painted at the same time, and Mr. Capurro was kind enough to return with a sample of the color I had picked, thinking that it would match the color I was having the house painted. Much to my surprise, it did not match and would have been completely inappropriate. Mr. Capurro's timeliness and attention to detail saved me from an expensive disaster. We were able to pick a more appropriate color for the house trim, one which matched the awnings, and have been very satisfied with the result.
The installation was performed by two of your employees. I must say that they were both extremely enjoyable to work with. They were polite, efficient, unobtrusive, and professional. I was extremely impressed with their attention to detail, the calmness and expertise with which they answered my questions and delighted with the lack of intrusiveness.
As you can imagine, we have been inundated with carpenters, painters, telephone and cablevision workers. Of them all, yours were the most professional and seemed to have the best understanding of what all this chaos and lack of privacy can mean to the resident. I was very impressed with them and want to commend them to you with my highest regards for a job well-done.
I am very impressed with the service I have received from your company, and would be happy to recommend you to anyone wanting a reference. Again, my thanks for a superior job, and my compliments to your sensitive employees.

Vicki Carlson
Alamo, CA