Canvas Awnings

Provide your home or business with an exciting new look without extensive remodeling costs. For your business, awnings will quickly and economically add architectural interest, create brand identity, increase curb appeal and provide shelter from the elements. Homeowners will enjoy a colorful and fashionable upgrade to complement any architecture style, add shelter from sun and rain, and improve the enjoyment of your home and outdoor spaces.

Studies prove awnings can lower air conditioning use by 77% by blocking sunlight before it ever reaches a door, window, porch or deck, and are more effective at controlling heat and UV rays than even the best blinds or thermal-glazed windows.

BelAire's design staff works directly with architects, business owners, contractors, developers and homeowners to deliver almost any size or shape you could wish for.

Durable UV-protected fabrics are available in a wide variety of materials, colors and styles. Our frames and hardware are durable and maintenance-free.