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Tension Structures

Sleek, contemporary tension structures are architecturally innovative forms that are prized for their ability to create a variety of aesthetic, free-form shapes. Plus, tension structures can block up to 96% of UV & UVB rays and cool the air by up to 20 degrees.

Useful in commercial, industrial, municipal & residential outdoor applications, they are especially prized as roofs because they can economically and attractively span large distances.

The basic surface forms of hyperbolic paraboloid, cone, and barrel vault may be combined in numerous ways. Such as a shade sail, free-standing sun shelter, shade umbrella, shade canopy, and more.

State-of-the-art materials include durable UV-protected fabrics that are available in a wide variety of translucencies and colors. Our tension structures are engineered and fabricated to withstand structural, fire-resistance and wind force requirements.

BelAire takes pride in manufacturing award-winning, precisely engineered products that comply with the CBC and meet precise geometrical tolerances.